Football Champs and CEOs Alike Sidestep Taxes With Private Jets

Alan Levin | Bloomberg

When the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots take their first road trip later this month, players like quarterback Tom Brady will be setting the standard for comfort and legroom on the team’s new private widebody jet.

Moreover, by simply changing from a commercial charter to their own private plane, the NFL franchise also will be skirting a significant portion of the taxes and fees that pay for the U.S. aviation system.

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Wealthy special interests are blocking flight delay fixes

Alan Clendenin | Washington Examiner

Flight delays have become a fact of life as the nation's outdated aviation infrastructure struggles to meet modern travel demands — a problem magnified during busy flying days like the upcoming Labor Day weekend. While Congress is working on reforms to help fix these problems, many Americans would be surprised to learn that a special interest group is blocking these efforts so it can preserve billion-dollar tax breaks for a few wealthy private jet owners.

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Memo Slams Business Jet Lobby for Anti-Taxpayer/Consumer Actions

National Taxpayers Union & Travelers United | Press Release

Flying in the United States can be made safer, more efficient and easier for all travelers by modernizing air traffic control, yet the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) — a group claiming to speak for corporate and private jet owners — is leading the charge against this much-needed reform.

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End corporate welfare in the sky: Privatize air traffic control

Ian Adams | The Hill

Under the well-known practice that economists call "rent-seeking," those who enjoy government subsidies will fight tooth and nail to keep them in place. In the field of air traffic control (ATC), where Congress currently is considering sorely-needed modernization efforts, the business jet lobby is digging in to protect a system that helps them and harms everybody else.


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Private Jet Owners Only Pay 0.4%

Private Jet Owners Use 10% of Air Traffic Control But Only Pay 0.4%

Corporate Jet Lobby Shouldn’t Dictate Air Traffic Control Reforms

Drew Johnson | Huffington Post

Even in Washington, a town brimming with policy wonks and political hacks, air traffic control (ATC) is not a topic that gets much attention. That’s unfortunate, because it’s an issue with enormous economic consequences that impacts every American regardless of how often they fly. And this is precisely the kind of environment in which narrow special interests can sway policy to benefit the few at the expense of the overall American public.

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They Refuse to Give Up Their Loopholes

Reform is Being Held Hostage by the .01 Percent


Air Traffic Control Reform is Being Held Hostage by the .01 Percent

Why Are Private Jets Being Subsidized by You and Me?

Drew Johnson | Newsweek

The National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) vocal opposition to modernizing the air traffic control (ATC) system has more to do with preserving the status quo for private jet owners than protecting the interests of the flying public.


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